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Swallowed – Kena & Maria Get Down January 15, 2018

Kendra Spade - Maria Jade

This hot scene featuring Kendra & Maria are wet and slippery! These stunners came dressed for easy access and excitedly lifts it to get a rimming. After that, girls show off her oral expertise on a huge dick. Things go from wet to soaking as the hungry cock babes are persueded take every inch of it into their mouth. Man gets a hardcore deep throat face-fuck like cocksuckers and then eats some ass! Gags and Swallowed drools in this wild scene comes up.

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Swallowed Triple Duty with Jennifer, Rachele and Zoey August 15, 2017


After a while she began to scream and, as in her lap felt another orgasm her fucking her ass caused. By this time, John also felt Swallowed that culminates in a massive cum flew his tail and he filled Jennifer’s ass, for which he was a touch of hot seeds further incentive for another orgasm, which came on the heels of the first. Both experienced the aftermath of common flogging even for Rachele whole new way. Jan went out of her anal tail and disappeared for a moment to cleanse his tail and prepare for the next round, even Zoey had smelled what John equipped. When he returned again in full glory, she said to Jennifer: “She still – Rachele and Zoey anyone not love, could you tell her to do well in the ass?”

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Swallowed Passwords June 9, 2016

Swallowed password

Everybody took off and I noticed that all three have a penis at attention. The driver stepped closer to me and I had Swallowed his penis in front of my face. “Open your mouth,” he whispered, his lips and I just gripped together. Commitment to obedience was gone. The threat of beating, along with hands on me, however, evoked fear and trembling lips my grip broke and began to slowly open.

But I already felt the glans of his penis to penetrate into his mouth. He began to move slowly and I just Swallowed.com sat motionless and tears I shed tears. “Look me smoke, do not think that things will I do,” he said, and all three laughed.

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